December 6, 2003

Project Green Paint: Phase 4

Red Rocker

Wow! The Underpainting phase is complete.

underpaintingThis is where Eric establishes the overall values of the painting in acrylic before he finishes the painting in oils. The image may change some during the oil painting stage, which is next.

The whole thing just keeps looking better and better. You can click on the small image to the right to see a larger picture.

As per my wife's request, a pantented Joyner donut has been subtly placed in the hands of a hungry robot in the back of the arena.

Check out Eric's site right here, where you can see all of his cool toy robot paintings, his non-robot paintings, and buy hiqh-quality prints. You can also read a nice interview with Eric here!

All phases of Project Green Paint can be found here.

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