November 28, 2003

My Virgin Interview

I want to thank Derek and Romaine at Sirius OutQ Radio for being the first people to ever want to interview me about The Sneeze. It was fun. They were very nice, and Derek definitely knew a lot about the site.

We talked about Barbie as Rapunzel, The Letter To My Hair, The Woman Who Writes Checks, Steve Don't Eat It, Jessica's Apology and a bunch of other stuff.

The Derek & Romain Show can be heard on the Sirius Sattelite Radio Network (and is streamed on their website) Mon-Fri from 7-10 pm ET. Despite the fact that OutQ is a gay/lesbian talk station, they were quite content speaking to a straight/dumbass like myself. Give them a listen!

Warning: their language can get even worse than Jessica's. I didn't know they cursed freely on their show until after the interview was over, otherwise I might have dropped a few F bombs myself.

(That means say "fuck.")

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