September 30, 2003


When I was a kid I remember reading a tiny ad in an issue of Mad Magazine. It was offering all these 8 x 10 pictures of Alfred E. Neuman for very little money. I also remember there was something about the way it was written that made it hard to tell if it was a fake or not, but I asked my mom for some money and sent it to the address anyway.

A few months went by and I forgot about it. Then one day a big envelope arrived from Mad Magazine. It was filled with dozens and dozens of portraits of Alfred E. Neuman! The ad was real! This was like the Idiot Lottery, and I just hit it BIG.

So, a few weeks ago my parents sent me all this incredible stuff out of storage. Included in all the boxes were the Alfred E. Neuman pictures! I couldn't believe they still had them.


The best part is, after I started writing this I remembered that I had "Totally Mad" lying around somewhere. It is a 7 CD-ROM box set that contains every page of every issue of Mad Magazine from 1952-1998. I went on a little mission to to try and locate the ad I had read as a kid, and I somehow managed to find it!

Here is the actual ad li'l Stevie responded to from the Oct. '78 issue of Mad:


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