August 25, 2003

An Ideal Book


"An Ideal Boy: Charts From India" is a truly remarkable coffee table book. It features tons of surreal, illustrated Indian charts originally intended as educational material. There is a refreshing sincerity to their cheesy quality. (I do not care for forced cheese.)

These charts are common in India and cover an insane array of subjects from religion, to hygiene, to proper social behavior. (Click on the chart to the left for a larger image.)

I've included a few sections of an actual "First Aid" chart below. Some of the illustrations in this book can be downright baffling, but lucky for you, you have me. Since this particular chart has no words, I've taken the opportunity to help interpret the pictures for you.

First Aid

"When treating an overdose victim, don't forget to take their wallet before stealing the pills and running away."

"A sharp stone can be very effective in removing an irritated eye."

Sponge Bath
"If your friend sustains a leg injury, remember you must FIRST give him a sponge bath, THEN weep in shame. This is the proper order."

Sneeze Challenge: If you are a parent or guardian of a young child, Click here to buy this book. Then raise your child solely by the teachings of the charts. (I will do the same.) In 18 years time, we can compare children to see whose is the most ideal!

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